Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Umbrella Day

Before I became involved with the Umbrella Collective (we had our fabulously successful inaugural fair on Saturday - see photos above), I had no idea what bunting was. It was discussed rather intensively at one of our planning meetings and I was left scratching around in the dark trying to figure out what they were all talking about with such passion! Because I did not own up to ignorance in the beginning, I did not feel I could confess my lack of understanding later in the conversation so it was not until I got home and did a google search that I discovered what it was all about. Buntings are the gorgeous flags (see above) that Kylie J made to decorate the buildings with. Not quite the same as the plastic ones used to decorate a car yard. They looked great with the gorgeous signs she made as well.
It was a really great day- thanks to everyone for helping especially the volunteers - we love you! More Umbrella Events coming soon!!!


Angela said...

It was a terrific show. Congratulations! It was nice meeting you. I'm really looking forward to Sunday's event.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! I was there - It was fabulous and so darn busy! Seriously, I had real trouble getting to the stalls. My height doesn't help, people just don't see me and accidently step in front of me (so not their fault - they can't help it if a midget is standing beside them and they don't see them), but what I did see was all wonderful! Glad it was such a huge success!

Florence said...

I remember the first time I discovered the word bunting, it took me a while to discover its mysteries too :)

a great day it was and even better to be next to my favourite wrecker.


Anonymous said...


I wish I could have been there!!!

xxs oos

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

thanks ladies! hope for more umbrella madness soon!