Friday, November 17, 2006

Nautical Week 5: Sea Birds

Coastal Birds toys: Florence Forrest
Photos of Birds: Wayne Kington
Sandgate artists Florence Forrest and Rachel Arthur have collaborated to create a wonderful Coastal Birds series of soft toys. They are available (unless they are all sold out which I suspect is a strong possibility!) until 25 November in the Furry Friend's exhibition in Surry Hills, Sydney.

Florence has interpreted the evocative drawings and paintings of Rachel's so cleverly. It is of great releif that she promises to work on the series more in 2007. They capture so well the pelicans and segulls that Wayne Kington has photographed on a recent trip to Amity (shark) Point at Stradbroke Island (thanks Wayne). The mother of pearl sky is a strong feature of the landscape in Moreton Bay and the soft toys bring to mind the pearlescent watery light.
Heading Out After the Storm: Rachel Arthur
And thank Florence for showing me the work of Rachel Arthurs. I am particulary drawn to this painting (oil and graphite on printed cotton) above. I love fishing boats and tales of the high seas and am reminded of the little ditty Dad used to sing to us:
You shall have a fishy
In a little dishy
You shall have a fishy
When the boat comes in.

Dance for your mama
Sing for your papa
Dance for your mama
When the boat comes in.


Anonymous said...

I vote this the best of nautical week! those birds and pictures are gorgeous.

Florence said...

I love the way you have combine my toys with Wayne's photos :D

Thanks for adding them to your fab nautical week.

Rachel's work is wonderful. She was recently commissioned to do a series of paintings for the Brisbane River Festival - they were turned into billboard posters that were featured all around Brisbane.

Her work will be featured in the Doggett Street Studio Christmas Show too.


Bad Samaritan said...

Happy Birthday to the un-wrecked mother of delight. I was driving to Seaford from Brighton this morning, a crisp early autumn time as the sun was coming up over Burling Gap, I think she'd have liked it. When i read the blog, i remembered some severe thrashings at the sussex county cricket ground squash club and at Dragons, when i realised a warm but scary feeling creeping up on me - but i'm too old to have been so lucky!
Bad Love x

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

thanks peoples. and for the extra info florence. yay for nautical week. Bad Sam- my mother will feel vindicated by your comments re location of chalk cliffage! i'm sure she would be only too happy to thrash you anytime.

karuna.puli said...

Happy Birthday to the un-wrecked mother of delight

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