Friday, November 24, 2006

Wrecker Birthday

On this day one year in the early 1970s the baby Wrecker slopped into the world, baby hammer in hand ready to take on the mean streets of Papakura.

The flame trees always remember Wrecker birthday. This one planted outside the front door never fails to draw comment from a landscape architect friend.

LAF (incredulously): IS that an Illawarra Flame Tree you have planted there?
Us: Yes
LAF: do you realise how big they get?
End of converstation.

Then later, out on the backyard

LAF (incredulously): Is that a Blue quandong emerging from the Wayneforest?
Us: Yes
LAF: Do you REALISE they grow to 40 metres?

What can I say? We are jungle people.


wjkington said...

Eventually, I plan to move out of the house and into one of the trees.

uschi said...

Hej little wrecker,

those trees are really a special birthday-bunch-of-plants...
I had never seen them before (from my part of the earth).
The colours are incredible!!
I love visiting your blog!
Have a great day!

Bad Samaritan said...

I love to hear of the Brisbanian Wrecker Lifestyle, so thank you & Happy Birthday! We were just ending A's celebrations as You began yours - two of a kind in many ways ...... xx

Bad Samaritan said...

Good luck for the weekend ... make them suffer & make them pay, they'll love you for it either way ;-)

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

thanks for your birthday wishes all. monkey boy, your tree is awaiting you in the food forest!
HB to Ms A in Brighton as well.
hello uschi- i love your blog and it certainly gives my 3 yrs highschool Deutschsprechen a workout!

Joanne said...

Hello there!
It's my birthday today too!
My year was 1969.
And what a coincidence, I also design jewellery :)

By the way, your work is stunning!!
I feel so very inspired by looking at your photos.

Happy Birthday to you!

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

thanks joanne- happy birthday to you too, fellow sagitarrian! Your jewellery is lovely.

Printz said...

Ha Ha!I recognised some of the Librarians, although I realise you have altered a few details to avoid being sued.
Perhaps the most sinister librarian was the one in "The Name of the Rose". Are there any sinister fictional female librarians? Must work on this!