Saturday, November 25, 2006


Well that was the BESTEST BIRTHDAY EVA!

The highlight, apart from my mother singing happy birthday to me on the phone (all the way through) was that I received another piece of original DadArt. This year, a self portrait. The man is caught in the teddybear frame of domestic trivialities - a powerful allegory for the modern male. Where to next for masulinity begs the question? Previous examples of DadArt in the Wrecker collection are the Duchampian inspired Dysfunctional Toast Rack (for bread found in the bottom of supermarket bags) 1998 which takes aim at the sickening debauchery of western civilization and the The Mango Pup, 1996 an obvious woof in Koons' direction and self reference to Dad's own New Zealand origins.

I usually love it when people make stuff for me and this year was no exception with such talented fronds. I got my very own Majic Cat Tangram from Florence Forrest:

And from multiskilled plastic girl, some fab new STRIPEY knitwit chunky knit bangles and a nautical themed b-day cake (delicious - did not taste like plastic at all!). Now I have 8,9,10mm set of nauticals and am ready to set sail on a a new year of Wrecking.


Anonymous said...

Great pressies! I love your Dad's self portrait - how funny. You must have an awesome dad huh?

Bad Samaritan said...

More than amazed, but much less than surprised that you have had a delightful birthday time with huge acknowledgement that people revere and love you, you must deserve it, yipeeee! Not ideal for a bad samaritan xxx

Trace said...

The wicked witch has trapped your Dad!!! How will we free him?

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

thanks all- i am a spolt wrecker indeed. i really feel the love and don't want my birthday week of celebrations to ever end. but monday draws nigh...

father is okay i think- the wicked witch has taken him on holiday to a luxury island resort! he might even get to go fishing.

Florence said...

hahaha...your dad does have that look about him now that I think on it, at least he has a creative release.

I too always wondered what to do with squished I know :p

I hope Tex-the-cat doesn't get too jealous of the new arrival :)

And finally, one last Happy Birthday before the week is over.

xx The Windbag of ThunderCat Row

W J Kington said...

I should have learnt happy birthday on the accordian!