Monday, August 13, 2007

Home again, home again

I've just reorganised my home studio and consolidated the wrecking into one address. This means I've moved out from MoB Workspace where I've been for nearly 4 years. It was sad to leave my lovely studio buddies and mob friends. I was the last remaining founding member but it is time to let the new team steer the space into new waters.

My split with Mr Accordian has bought about other changes as well with him moving across town and me taking on an extra day job on Wednesdays. I'm still hoping to devote as much time to my wrecking as ever though. And working from home will also give me a chance to enjoy the spring wildflowers in my garden.
In other earth-shattering news I have joined facebook at the behest of David Ellison, a fellow Griffarian whose facebook photo circa 1977 spoke of a troubled past. I had to know more.