Saturday, April 22, 2006

Gained in the Translation

A Japanese visitor came into MoB one day looking for this necklace (Brisbane River: Laughing at You, st silver, 18k gold, titanium) that she had chosen from a catalogue obtained in Japan. The conscientious young woman had already chosen this piece for her boyfriend before she left Japan. I looked at the catalogue and saw my piece had been re-named "The Laughing Liver". Fair comment I suppose.

Mothers and Daughters Challenge

Can you match the beautiful mothers with their beautiful MoB Workspace daughters????

If you can, send us an email with your answer in format M1=D1, M2=D? etc and YOU could Win WIN, WIN!!
Something really good.
That we made.
We promise!!

It would be helpful if you could tell us if your ears are pierced! Photo of prize coming soon.

*relatives are excluded from prize winning!
*winners announced Monday 15 May and correct answer published
*happy mother's day!