Saturday, December 02, 2006

New shop opens in BrisVegas!

Plastic Girl and I took the art world by storm last night as guests of honour at the galah opening of Brisbane's super new GoMA, Asia Pacific Triennial opening and the revamped QLD Art Gallery. Arriving in our pumpkin coach from the suburbs we joined the thronging celebs - a veritable who's who of Brisbanian society. I could definitely see why we'd been invited.

Was it fun? you bet.

Did we drink alot of bubbly? oh yah.

Did we sit in the drought effected dry water feature eating noodles and chatting with Barby and Mal? mmm noodles + jewellery talk...

Did we walk straight past the Art to get to the GoMA Store to check our product and all the cute stuff to buy? maybe.

Were we disappointed? No way!

But the real breaking news of the night was from ceramicist Mel Robson that she has started a blog - she told me what it was called - after a german biscuit/substance but the bubbly seems to have wiped it (along with other stuff I am sure) from my mind. So hopefully she'll leave a comment and tell me!

Other news:

  • New outlet Pomme in Victoria has my Threads Revisited and Sea Jewels- love this gallery website!
  • Jewellery party this Sunday at QUT Art Museum 2 -4. An opportunity to stuff ya gob with yummy cakes, buy jewellery directly from myself and Liana Kabel and see some live Wrecker action. I'll be selling domestique themes: Neo Luddites, Flatliners, Bombay sapphire Sea Jewels/shardies, Hoopies and Nana Mouskouris.


Liana said...

I believe Mel said "pfefferkuchen" was the name of her blog, although there was some mention of possible incorrect spelling.I will investigate & report back Ms Wrecker.

Anonymous said...

What a memory you have Liana! Even after all that bubbly! And yes, the spelling is definitely incorrect. I'm spelling it fefferkookan - i thought i better go with how it sounds like it is spelt rather than the original - nothing to do with the fact that I had no idea of the correct spelling! Just started this week, and mainly because of your mention on your blog rebecca - I couldn't make a liar out of you!! xox

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

love the blog mel!