Thursday, December 21, 2006

Take care of your weather beacon or you will perish

The MLC Weather Beacon has been controlling Brisbane's weather since 1958. Though since the Hitachi takeover a couple of years ago, people have been noticing that the bulbs are not being replaced. And now the new Brisbane City Council building has obscured the beacon from being able to transmit it's weather instructions. Hence we are sitting in a rain shadow and quickly running out of drinking water. To heighten awareness of this issue, I have created weather beacon brooches - available from MoB Store. Your choice- sunny or rainy, sterling silver with swarovksi crystals twinkling away like the real thing.

There is plenty you can do about the climate crisis besides buying my jewellery. Why not join in for Lights out for Xmas?

This Xmas eve, give the earth a present by switching off your electricity. Unplug whatever you can in your house. Decorate the tree by candle light, sing carols, tell stories, take a stroll through the neighbourhood, spend quality time with family and friends, but without electricity and greenhouse gas emissions.

At 7pm on December 24, join with others in your neighbourhood, state and around Australia in creating a voluntary rolling blackout as a protest about our government's inaction on climate change.

Tell others that your are switching off for Christmas Eve. Brought to you by the Walk Against Warming Coalition (Ph: 07 3217 8693) and supported by Friends of the Earth - Brisbane.


Miss Dot said...

oh, I LOVE that idea! imagine asking people with massive Christmas displays on their lawns and houses to turn them off? :-) but I really like the idea of making Christmas Eve a candle lit evening, umm, can I still run the air con though? hahahahahahaha.,kidding. kinda :-)

shane said...

I've got my aqua blue mosquito net(rectangular prism format)handy Bec,

Lets abandon our shelters and go nomadic.

Each member will have a unique role to sustain.
How about it?

Florence said...

Oh! I'm so glad you've reincarnated these. I've had my eye on one for ages...which is why I can't believe you've neglected to mention these new one to me....I'll put it down to Christmas stress.

I'll have a rainy red one, most definitely.


Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

yes miss dot, but I don't think we should ask them first! i quite like the idea of going around to OTHER people's lit up houses and turning off the electricity for them by snipping the mains. especially the selfish bastards who have AIR CON!!!
shane, yes i do agree that one blue mosquito net is a sound basis for forming a utopian nomadic community!
and flo, these mlc beacons are bigger and better than the last edition- in these drought stricken time i HAD to upsize. i will make you one asap.