Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Stern word

So pretty bad news about the environment and all in the Stern report.
Not only will there be huge waves of human deaths and mass extinctions of lesser species, but it might end up costing us rather a lot of money. And the way our politicians are running around trying to fix it all fills the heart with hope and joy that someone else elected them.

But it doesn’t need to be all doom and gloom. I was reading a terribly helpful article on the weekend all about how you can be a super conservationist around the home. It’s really all about consuming a whole new range of products. You might think you live green but you’ll find that you really need lots more stuff to show you really care about the environment.

It was along these lines:
1. Fill the dishwasher before you turn it on. Do not under any circumstances do the dishes by hand as believe it or not, this consumes more energy.
2. Keep your summer air con at 25 deg, no lower. If you do not have an air conditioner yet, what are you waiting for? You know they benefit the environment.
3. Dry 2 or more loads of laundry in rapid succession in your tumble dryer. That’s right, your dryer. Because although you may be using the SUN and the ATMOSPHERE to dry your clothes now, it is actually proven that using an electrical tumble dryer is more energy efficient.
4. Fill your recycling bin as often as possible by purchasing items which contain excessive packaging. Filling your recycle bin will demonstrate your commitment to the environment to your neighbours and the community.
5. Buy a plastic cover for your pool and a plastic watertank. We all know that in the future any ancestors around will really appreciate these large broken plastic objects that take 1000s of years to break down. They may even provide homes or flotation devices for future lifeforms, human or otherwise. If you don’t already have a swimming pool, you should install one immediately – water is such an important part of the environment and pools are the cornerstone of the SEQ Level 4 water restrictions.

Gives you hope for the future.


Florence said...

I didn't realise my using the air to dry my clothes and handwashing the very few dishes we own was bad! oh my goodness I feel so ashamed:(


Anonymous said...

mmm. glad i'm not the only one wondering whats going on.

Anonymous said...

Ann said. Wow! All I need to do now is buy a washing-up machine-remembering to fill it before I turn it on and add all those special detergents and rinsing aids-so good for the garden! Am doing my bit by saving shower water, but not sure about lady who said she even saved her cat's water-rather tricky I would have thought. Still her plants seemed to be thriving.

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

shame florence shame. didn't you know it's your patriotic duty to burn more coal so we can all be richer and sootier? Australians only produce their own body weight in greenhouse gases once a day. Howard/Beattie/Can-do have pledged to double that so we can raise the sea and bring surf beaches to brisvegas.

and mum, keep up the good work with the shower water and we won't mention the swimming pool!!! zoe's not too keen on the cat water idea.

Florence said...

One question.....

Cat's water? I hope that you mean the stuff in the bowl....

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

I spoke to mum about the cat's water thing and we wonder if the lady was using a catether. by the way, if you have a citrus tree and good aim, human water is supposed to be very good for them.