Wednesday, October 25, 2006

We Organised it Ourselves!

Sometimes you just have to organise it yourself. As Shannon Garson says, Guerilla Craft activites can be a refreshing antidote... So we have all banded together with the lovely Kylie Johnson to become the Umbrella Collective and our first craft fair is on this November 25. Hope you can come! Bring ya mates!

saturday 25 november 2o06
9am -3pm

delightful things direct from the makers

st francis theological college
233 milton road milton
entrance via baroona rd

parking available
cash or cheque only
refreshments available

sarah bowe red felt flower
florence forrest flying star toys
shannon garson porcelain
kylie johnson paper boat press
liana kabel plastic girl jewellery
rebecca ward jewellery


queen of light and joy said...

This looks fabulous and I WISH I could go. Just thinking about this event is making me all gooie and cuddly in my inside for crafts and christams.

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

In the antipodes we all long for a royal visit from our nothern monarch- if you could leave behind the resposibilites your estate in the wintery canadian tundra, might i suggest a steamlicious break in BrisVegas?

queen of light and joy said...

I think I have to have $2500 bucks before I can step foot in your country? I DO have a gallery showing coming up some, maybe someone or some PEOPLE will buy some stuff and I could collect the moola that way? But gaaaaawd does that sound great for a visit..."steamlicious break in BrisVegas" AND I could photograph YOU and some other blogs for my photoblogging book. I'm gonna work on this, can I stay at your house?

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

mmm that is alot of moola but i reckon you'll have em fighting over your art. or you could just sell off some of your slaves. what i don't know is how ANYONE could compete with the Intolerant One's photo for your book- has the bar been set too high I wonder? Of course you're most welcome to stay here in the east wing kept reserved for canadian royalty and Miss Windbag's forays into the Big Smoke.

Ramona said...

you know what - this is a great idea - the thing I love about you QLD craftkids is your collective attitude to promotion and support, should be more of it!

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

thanks Ramona! In a harsh environment ya gotta band together! to be honest, we envy you melbourne crafters for all the great things you have on all the time and greater public appreciation of craft and art.

queen of light and joy said...

OH don't worry...competing with the Intolerant One's photo for my book is NOT a problem, and I don't think the bar been set too high. You'll be in my book come hell or high water, your SO talented!

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

thanks your highness, i'm all a twitter. it'd sure beat that time i was photographed for the local rag and the the hack photographer made me look through the middle of a piece of jewellery and then asked me to try not to look like i was in such pain!