Monday, October 16, 2006

Glasses ID'd

I learned all about the different glass patterns that I use when I recently visited my glass guru with a bag of little swatches for him to identify. He obviously had more important things to do and a business to run but I insisted that he give me his attention as I tried to explain the Nana project.
Knowing the names of the patterns is going to help classify the different textures I use in Nana Glasses and be a valuable marketing tool for me. Soon I will be releasing "Sparkle Nana", and "Medium Hammered Nana" on an unsuspecting marketplace. It would have been nice to do this releasing thing on Friday 13th Oct (Nana's 72nd b-day- shivers went up my spine as I was BORN in 1972!) but I couldn't get my packaging sorted out in time. In this day and age who would have thought it would be so difficult to get recycled cardboard boxes made? And with Mr Accordian on the computer 24-7 making his WOFO (Wayne's Orchestra of Found Objects) how does one find the time to put stuff for sale online, fiddle with photoshop and dreamweaver and deal with the clamouring of customers DESPERATE to own some Rebecca Ward jewellery!? Well, most of that is true.

I felt a bit bad buying the last perfect piece of antique blue florentine to break up into jewellery but it tones so well with Bombay sapphire and I wouldn't want it to end up in someone's horrible suburban leadlighting project so I probably did the right thing.


W J Kington said...


OK I'm warming to it.

Fraid I'mn glued to the computer at the moment working on my train music masterpiece.

Mr Accordian

Florence said...

beautiful glass clamouring to be seen on the glamorous.

WOFO -hehe, it has a catchy ring :)


shannon said...

You totally did the right thing- Who would want that beautiful glass ending up as the fin of a tropical fish behind the bali style slats of a wanna be yuppie's front door? Better to smash all glass than subject the world to such horror. You are a true Samaritan as the wise people say "you don't have to cross the sea to be ...a missionary."

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

yeah really enjoying the train music lately- we don't hear enough of the trains living in a single skin wooden house 3 meters from the ferny grove line...

shannon- LOL! some scary things have been done in the name of leadlighting tis true and not just with the naff neo-colonial stuff in the 80's and 90's. bearing this in mind certainly makes it easier to be rebecca-the-wrecker.

Florence said...

Maybe I should have said, the glamorous clamouring to be seen in beautiful glass ;)


Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

flo - Great name for a range of tinkerwear: 'Glamour Clamour'

shane said...

Dear Bec,

send me a jpeg of any rare louvre samples needed, maybe 'boro bazaar' in Kolkata has a dusty collection.


Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

hi shane
most of the louvres here are 'sparkle', some 'spotswood' and some 'corelle'. I imagine in India there may be some interestingly textured glass and coloured glass attached to various buildings. but try not to get arrested!