Thursday, August 17, 2006

RebEKKA 1: An old friend

Miss Windbag, Miss PlasticGirl and I are doing a bit of an Ekka long weekend for the next few days. I'd beter kick it off as I have to go to the mountains for a couple of days to recover.

At this years' Ekka, my first in many years, I bumped into and old friend, General Cheeso. I recognised him immediately. We first met in Dubrovnik on my grand European tour. Mr Accordian and I were travelling on a shoestring and being unable to afford to eat lunch in a cafe, we had humble tomato and cheese and biscuit fare in the daggy ditch outside the old town walls. I was rather grumpy about the whole non-gourmet lunch deal and also extremely hungry after plodding all the way from our supposedly 'walking distance from the old town sobe' to the old town and all around it a few times gazing in wonderment. In my haste to make the lunch, I dropped a big slab of Pag cheese on the ground. Along came General Cheeso and a mad chase ensued. Anyway Cheeso won of course and the whole incident enabled me to ditch the bad mood for the day.
General Cheeso had a great knack of popping up wherever we were afterwards to check on my hormone bitch levels. It was sad to see him in a cage at the Ekka but at least he had plenty of braised steak and onions to munch on. See Pigeon Post for uptodate news from the world of Cheeso.


Becca the Magnificant said...

I don't know... A big slab of pag cheese. I'm afraid I've never heard of such a thing.

Also I like your name. It reminds me... I don't know... I guess of my name before I changed it.

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

ta becca. I hope to be magnificent too one day.

Florence Forrest said...

oh I like the Pigeon Post blogspot, very funny.

Now I understand your keen interest in that particular pigeon. I hadn't realised that you two were old friends.