Sunday, August 20, 2006

Glen Rocks

I visted Glen Rock on the weekend, out on Main Range. Mr Accordian took these snaps.

It was thirsty country: cattle in the dry creek bed where once were platypus, brushboxes wilted on the rocky slopes. A series of farmhouses built at maybe 50+ year intervals were in a ridge line looking over the valley. The first was a old slab hut with a single room and handcut timber built a rather long time ago. The 2nd was an old timber Queenslander maybe 70-80yrs old. The final was the classic 1970's yellow brick 2 storey. Some of the lurid internal wallpaper and carpets in the 2 most recent houses seemed to relate to the stark environment in a strange way.
The hardy silver-leafed ironbark (top right) grew in stunted colonies up the sides of the Madder Horn, which we climbed at a leisurely canyonero assisted pace. The Madder Horn, spelt that way on the map, must have earned it's name from the cows mad enough to walk to the top. But it was well worth it for us view lovin humans.


Florence Forrest said...

You go on great trips. I wish I could go too.

Why didn't you link the Simpson's Canyonero clip on youtube?

shannon said...

Did you wear your trusty Batman shorts?

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

Hi gals
unfortunately for everyone involved and especially those walking at the rear behind me going uphill i did not pack my batman shorts- believing us still to be in winter!

did not find the simpsons clip but liked the little people trying to stop the canyonero in the one i found