Monday, August 14, 2006

Nana Mouse

Yippee I finally finished my Nana Nana Nana work and handed it in last week. I was so relieved to be taking a break from vinyl fumes, I forgot to photograph some of the final pieces but here are some Nana Glasses and Nana's Nana Beads made from same The Delightful Nana Mouskouri record that has been causing all sorts of problems at MoB Workspace.
Tex, the large ginger from next door was very unhelpful though entertaining during the ordeal. He is pictured reclining on top of the sharp brass wire pins I was preparing for the 50 brooches.
The stuff on my cat website has got it all wrong in forcing cats to have stuff put on them. What is it with cats that they always have to sit on what you are making, reading, paying attention to? If televisions were a horizontal surface, I'm sorry to say that our cat would be permanently attached to it.

I wonder if Nana Mousekouri likes cats. Maybe she prefers mice.

Looking forward to hitting the bottle again now:


Merlyn Gabriel said...

Cats are the ultimate critics. My mother is a quilt maker and ot one her quilts leaves the house without being properly cat approved.

If a cat lounges , plays with, bats about your artwork then you have made it worthy.


Elf Mandinio said...

i can't read the paper or do anything on the floor without my cat plonking himself in the middle of it. He's trying to get on my knee now. Cheeky monkey.

Florence Forrest said...

My Baby, aka Queen of the House, doesn't approve of any activity that consumes my attentions away from her obviously important needs. If she has to sit on the key board to make me understand the situation properly she will.

signed, Cat Butler