Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fresh is best.... naturally

Is it just me, or is the current marketing campaign for the Ekka (Brisbane's Royal National Agricultural Show) just a little bit too fresh? Well, an agricultural show, where the country comes to town is all about the slaughtering of innocent beasties for our groaning tables but does this take it too far for our squeamish city tastes? As a lapsed vegetarian, I know all too well the propaganda about what happens to the little critters in the petting zoos after they get a bit tattered around the edges from all the love of our overenthusiastic kiddies. So it is heartening to know that the Ekka promises us lots of fresh animals this year.

An investigation is clearly in order when RebEKKA-the-Wrecker, Miss Windbag and Miss Plastic Girl visit the Ekka next week on a craft/cultural field trip into the unknown followed by a flurry of blogging unheard of since Geek Week. And just what is a Dolphin Derby?


Florence said...

I agreed with Miss Wrecker. I was thinking the same thing as to the new marketing slogan FRESH. I thought a slogan like "Good Old FUN" might have been more apt. I mean is a rotating clown head sideshow ally game FRESH? Is the Octapus -slightly rusty (yet well oiled I'm sure) fun-ride FRESH? I likewise thought we should gather our cameras and note books to report our findings.

Horray for EKKA WEEK via Blog troika!!

This is Windbag&T signing off.

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

Or Freaky Fun Fest? Don't we all love it because it is has a sick circus feel to it?

Liana said...

It is all about the plastic for me - cupie dolls on sticks, inflatable cartoon characters and showbags. Love it!

Florence said...

I'm looking forward to capturing all the fun 'folk' action and toy extravaganza. This will be my first ever EKKA. I'm excited!!

Merlyn Gabriel said...

Dolphin derby??????

I hope you post all the news. You have me very curious.I must admit the use of the word fresh for an Ag show is a bit weird....

I wonder if they do woodsmen competitions at your agricultural shows as well like they do in Canada or is a huge competition on how well and how many ways you can chop wood strictly a Canadian thing.


Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

yes liana we will go to the plastic pavilion. and florence i look forward to taking you to the fruit and vegetable pavilion to show you some nutritional options you may not have considered.

merly, woodcutting comps are also a big thing in our ag shows. alot of our country folk LOVE chopping down trees, when they are not ringbarking them or clearing with 2 mega tractors dragging a length of chain between them and destroying all in their wake! There are a growing number of country people planting trees now which is a bloody relief, I must say. Now that there are no longer many trees left in the country and 'the bush' plural has become "the bush" singular, the activity has become more phallically ritualised in these manhood competition events. Although I hear this year that they are starting a sms texting competition... i cannot imagine it has the same sex appeal as strapping blokes wielding axes.