Saturday, January 20, 2007


I don't eat my crusts. Never have, never will.
You can't make me.
Not even when you tell me people are starving in africa.
That the world is running out of food, water, arable land.
So don't even try.
I'm saving them up to string together and enter in Contemporary Wearables Competitions.

Photos of Ayumi's delicious monkey-learning-to-count-crusts plate taken for her Pots in Action page.


shango said...

How about coz theyre yummy?, especially when toasted twice, crunchy,?
Or simply because its the best way to get a cheap perm?

You said youre in to permaculture, but youre just a pretender Wrecker--until you otherwise chew on the crusty it do it NOW

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

No way, blame it on my mother. She spoiled my birthday once by making my heart's desire, fairy bread, from some earnest wholemeal brick of a loaf leaving the CRUSTS ON.
And I perm-acultured my fringe once in the 80s and it was never a good idea.

Florence said...

are you really saving crusts for wearable art? hmm...the upper cust.


Marta Miguel said...

Hi Rebecca

I saw your work in the blog from Marta Sanches
OUuuu I like your pieces based in collecting fragments of different materilas.

Can I put your blog on my page-blog?

My name is Marta
take a look

Briengan Rodgers said...

You'll never be the toast of the town.... unless, of course, you meet a crusty old bachelor

Mel Robson said...

can I have those plates please?

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

yes flo crusts in wearable art are all the go this year in europe. i plan to introduce the concept to austraya with an extravaganza wonder white entry in the toowoomba wearables competition. it will be accompanied by a large flock of quacking ducks. and then briengan, I'll be the toast of the town.
and no mel- they are mine, all mine. i could invite you over for tea though so you can watch me eat off them.

shane said...

in the picture it actually appears that Wrecker has eaten the crust. There is no trace of the crust, it appears the mandibles have chomped the consumable in the right hand corner.

We can only deduct that Wrecker is having us on.
And, personally, as witnessed at a mexican restaurant about x no. of years ago, i witnessed her eat galric bread without peeling the crusty layer off.

I prefer the skippy plate, but at 11 mort st on the red laminex, with miso on top.

Mel Robson said...

would you Rebecca...? perhaps you could throw me a crust now and then as I watch...seeing as you're not going to eat them....

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

hi marta
thanks for linking to me - like your blog.
and shango you pedant, i have been known to eat crusts while in company just to be polite and I chomped out of the toast to make a nice photo for ayumi. the melamine skippy plate (which broke 7 years ago) has finally been replaced by the monkey plate. and vegemite pisses all over miso. so there!