Saturday, January 27, 2007

Back 2 Skool Suckers

Of the current 2 retail crazes I'm finding the back to school stationery festival far more enjoyable than the nationalistic flag frenzy of Straya Day/Survival Day, whaddeva you want to call it.

Could it be a touch of schadenfreude knowing all the little Dick and Doras are finishing their super fun holidays and going back to boring old school to learn multiplication tables and John Howard's new history curriculum? Nah. It is just that I like to celebrate stationery. Before wrecking it. Today I got this rather spiffy giant pencil shelving unit at the local thrift store. It just happens to match Texta velvet touch me pencil pins quite well. Colour me happy Mr Squiggle.


W J Kington said...

So have you thought of a use for your pencil shelving yet? Or is it just to spruce up the house?

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

mmmm yummy pencil shelving. i dunno. think i'll save for the packing and mailing section in my glorious new studio space.