Saturday, January 13, 2007

Choking Hazard All Ages

I'm always on the lookout for new plastic army men to wreck as the right kind for my flatliners are no longer manufactured. So I came across this rather shocking set of Great Beige Hunters with firearms and Noble Natives with spears and axes in the toy section of my local bargain basement store. I tried to remember what century it was. Admittedly, I am inured to the 'cowboys and indians' sets that you still find on the shelves which are probably just as bad, but I have never seen anything quite as revolting as these. Fortunately they do come with a choking hazard warning. They just got the age limit wrong. These toys may cause choking in decent persons of all ages. If they have an upside, it is that there is at least a female figure included in the set - albeit as "nature-woman-in-bra-with-disproportionately-large-feet-and-hands".

I also found this rather wonderful construction set of yellow and red blokes. Though disappointingly no female role models here, at least there are no guns and genocide.


shane said...

Dear Wrecker,

That hunter native set is just outrageous, what makes it outrageous particularly is that th edesinger has targeted pretty much a voiceless group, as identified by the illustratio as Papua New Guineans.
what if it were Japanese soldiers in the same posture, or, aboriginal australians, or Muslims? what would be the reaction? Anyway, I am sure theyree not favourite among kids,but how could it happen?? Where were they made, and is that 'native' on the left smiling?

Besides that, I request as an aesthetic antidote, a reeployment, an artful rearrangement of bodies and intstruments with the aid of a surgical blade and super glue.

cheers soldier.

littlesnoring said...

Hmmm ... just what I have been looking for ... a Hunters and Natives Playset. How very Windshuttle, and just in time for the history wars!

(I do like your flatliners complete with splatter blood)

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

ah shango- precisely my idea with the cutting and pasting.

And beigewashing Windschuttle might like to get hold of some of these toys for his sand tray - what massacre?

Florence said...

The Hunters and the Collectors...

interesting choice of colours for the first play set, Mission Brown and Merchant


W J Kington said...

Actually Shango, I think there might be a market in American vs Iraqi action figurines. Surely someone makes them... somewhere.