Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tag Dag

I've been tagged by Mel Robson.
Liana and Florence also copped it from Mel. That means we have to write a list of 6 things about us not mentioned before in our blogs. I didn't have much left so bear with me.

1. I once dressed up as a Giant Red Blood Drop to promote the Red Cross Blood Bank. Kylie Johnson can verify this - as I seem to remember she managed to avoid the whole shebang. When I look back at the hideous photos (I had a particularly bad case of teenage acne) I'm not sure I persuaded anyone of the merits of blood donation and may well have done the opposite. Now whenever they call urgently for donors, as the world's ugliest pox-ridden blood drop of all-time, I feel personally responsible for the dwindling blood stocks.

2. Though ovo-lacto-fisho vegetarian, I do occasionally treat myself to a strip of crispy smoked watermelon or a slice of the delicious salty fruit from the pepperoni vine.

3. I used to be a venturer scout. Sharing a tent with 4 other pubescent girls and their many and varied cosmetic products accounts for my allergies to aerosol deoderants, perfumes and hair sprays. That is why I stink so bad and my hair defies any logical explanation.

4. I woke up on Xmas day and my eyes were stuck together with conjuntivitus gunk. I couldn't have been happier though as my highly infectious and unattractive condition permitted me to lie in bed and read outdoor murder mysteries all day long. Once I'd managed to get my eyes open that is.

5. I watch 'Neighbours' every night if I can. I just have to know the crazy antics of Toadfish (is he dead yet?- i missed a few episodes), Stingray, that devil Paul Robinson, stupid Susan and that sleazebag Carl and all the other ridiculous, completely unlovable characters. So anyone calling me between 6.30 and 7pm weeknights will get short shrift indeed.

6. I'm very susceptible to peer group pressure. Otherwise I would have ignored this tagging game. However the tag stops with me. Unless anyone wants to be tagged? Are you up for it Simone?


shula said...

I should be off the floor over the blood drop story any minute now...

feli said...

Owhhhh I love watching Neighbours too. But it got toooo complicated now. I missed a few episodes and now I am lost. Who is that new chick? :*)

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

shula, blood drops have feelings too.
and feli, the new school chick on neighbours is a real piece of work- don't get me started on her!!

Simone said...

I have fulfilled my duties as One Who Has Been Tagged! And I even scanned in some very old photos as part of my task.

kylie j said...

now bec, even if photographic evidence has me standing out-side of a blooddrop, i can asure you i was one right there with you, there were straps inside for over your shoulders and a timber pole throughthe sides which you also held on to, they were big and red (of course) and we had to get into them in down in a strange room under rotunder in the middle of the mall outside macca's and regent cinemas, i'm not sure if macca 's ot the rotunder are there anymore (it was the mid eighties after all) but i was there and remember also it being bloody hot in those blood drops, arrrhhhh red cross youth memories, thanks for bringing it all rushing back. and yes i do have a freeeeaaaakkky memory for details.
love ya pistatio
k xxxxxxx

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

ah kylie, amigo- you've convinced me and my memory should never have thought i was a blood drop all alone in the big bad world!!! i remember the rotunda and the blood! the blood....
and Simone- your tag post has set a new standard for this whole tag game!!

shango said...

I thought i was the one, after i fainted in a medical centre waiting room.

Florence said...

Childern dressed up as blood drops? Who thought that up! wrong, wrong, wrong.


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