Saturday, June 17, 2006

UFO: Unidentified Fluffy Object

Last week a friend in Canberra sent me this UFO (Unidentified Fluffy Object) in the mail. No note, no explanation, nothing. It would appear to have been knitted by someone's demented granny! I have spent the last week puzzling over what it could all mean. Maybe a winter hat with hair holes? But then it struck me that it was a solution for the possum plague on my paw paw crop. And it works a treat as you can see. Granny wisdom to the rescue.
There is such a resurgence in all the Nana crafts at the moment with knitting graffiti, embroidery, beanie festivals, scarfies. Which brings me to a plug for a show at Kick Arts, Cairns: Nana is the New Black opening 6pm fri 23 June. What use they could possibly have for knitted objects up there in their steamy climate, I'll never know but there will be plenty of gorgeous stuff like Tupperware jewellery by Liana Kabel and iced vo-vos as far as the eye can see...


Florence Forrest said...

Dear Bec,

recently you told me of a wonderful old grandmother who had the best tea in the world, sound familiar....

Could it be...a tea cosie?

Though it looks very suitable on your Pawpaw, so I could be mistaken..

XX T. Total
RED Wrecker? wow!

Liana said...

Now this is the photo to attach to press releases. who could resist? Glam-r-us!

Liana said...

Surely this is the photo to attach to press releases. Who could resist?