Friday, June 30, 2006

The one that got away

Being the daughter of a fisherman, I am very familiar with the concept of 'the one that got away'. Yesterday I delivered my new Neo-Luddite range to Reverse Garbage for JUNK IT and returned home to discover that one had indeed got away. I found Alien Code brooch cowering terrified under the computer keyboard where I was entering its details into excel earlier in the day. It was perfectly camouflaged, tentacles a quivering. I explained to it that they are very nice people at Reverse Garbage and there's every chance that it would be going to a good home so there was no need to hide. With that, Alien Code squared it tentacles bravely and popped into my bag ready to embark on an exciting new life chapter.

1 comment:

Florence Forrest said...

How super cute is Alien Code, so shy and sweet. Its sure to find a good home!