Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pyramidiot 2

Now you may remember a couple of postings back when I spoke of processing sharp shards of glass into wearable fragments by harnessing southern hemisphere reverse pyramid power to dull rather than sharpen materials such as glass and steel. Well, the pyramid, which I constructed from the finest grade bamboo skewers using principles of pure geometry tested by the Great Eqyptian Pharoahs of yore, has been sitting on my back deck for a number of weeks waiting for the full moon. On a few occasions I have noted (whilst answering the nocturnal call of nature) some very strange goings on under the dark cloak of night. And it wasn't just the possums getting stuck into the paw paws. So I decided to go on a stake out with my digital camera the night of the full moon. This is what I saw!
And lo, the very next morning this is what I found under the pyramid:

Some unique celestial glass jewellery fully formed and soon to be available for sale on my website. Astonishing you may say, but one must never be too surprised at the power of the pyramid which has not only given us the Food Pyramid nutritional guide, but also the lucrative delights of Amway style sales structures which have bought so many riches to humble folk around the world.


shannon said...

That is Amazing!!!! Do you think it could be aliens? Vibrational energies? Spiritual entities or have something to do with the Kennedy's? Was there a grassy knoll nearby? Is your house on the same latitude as the Bermuda Triangle? Maybe the otherworldy jewels are reconfigured bits of all the ships and planes that have disappeared in to the Bermuda Triangle over the years?

You are my pyramid Guru.

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

It is the nature of the human mind to question things, ask 'why is it so?' and look for a rational scientific explanation for everything. But some phenonema are best left unexplained and mysterious for there are very strange forces at work in our universe that a mere human could not hope to understand. although some gifted gurus, with generous contributions from their followers, have discovered the truth of these matters.

...from your groovy guru (pay pal accepted)

Lilli&Tom said...

I'm still nose laughing...
"Magic by the Toilet Door" Coming soon to all good New Age bookstores. Check Amazon for reviews! "Revelations in Jewellery Making" already being signed to DoubleDay. "The P -change, Why the Southern Hemisphere is where its at!" Time Magazine, July 2006.

Milk it baby!
xxCracked Mountain