Thursday, July 06, 2006

There's a Bear in There

Being a procrastinator by nature, I have not yet managed to part with the Bear. In truth, I am finding it a bit difficult. Everytime I get dressed, sometimes more than twice a week in the winter months, I have a desire to wear the Bear but am forced to settle for some inferior garment like a woolly old jumper or my daggy brown velvet jacket.
Don't worry, I did wash the Bear in preparation. I even used soap. Nasturtiums were cast over my neo-luddite methods which did NOT involve a fabric softener or complicated squeezing water out of the fabric to promote fluffiness of the pile. And I even cut off his button eyes in preparation for his transformation but I came to the conclusion that more was needed to help me move on. Something religious if not overly spiritual. So the Bear was duly crucified and parcelled up to prepare him for resurrection at the skilful hands of Florrence Forrest aka Dolly Doctor who has kindly offered to turn him into my new best friend, "Coatie". A teddy bear with a past life and a great future.

1 comment:

Florence said...

Ah, brown paper packages tied up with string...
very appropriate, beautiful.

The doctor will be in, and looks forward to the delivery.

xxxDolly Doctor