Monday, July 17, 2006

Geek Week 7: Geek go bye bye

All this blogging has given me an overuse injury. It is only 8.05pm but I am sooo sleepy. Guten nacht meine kleine geekinder.


Merlyn Gabriel said...

Blogging is an addictive sport!
the cure is to go do something creative..
me I am calligraphing a huge "scroll" in Batarde hand.
I love the hair band thingies! Normally I use hair sticks to pin mine up... but your hair thingies make normal bandies nice!

-merlyn (vain about hair)

Florence said...

Oh good to see you ended it on the lucky 7:)
night, night, sleepy geek xxx

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

merlyn- it is actually a wristband! the other ones are definitely hair thingees but i guess i really don't mind what part of the body peole put them on in the privacy of their own homes.

yes blogging is like a team sport - you have to run hard to keep up with the ball bouncing all over the place.
it is nice to do something creative with your hands- calligraphy sounds very exacting.

thanks again to florence and liana for geek weeking!

Merlyn Gabriel said...

Hi, Rebecca...
oops sorry the muddle sometimes it's hard to see from an image. Wristbands are cool too. There is a BIG craze over here atm with people wearing rubber bands in funky colours on their wrists...I guess it's the next step in friendship bracelets..

Calligraphy is very exacting. I used to loath it when I first started but now I actually almost love it more thanthe medieval illumination that goes with it... it's a good distraction. I'll post some images on the recycled crows page today...

Does the RSI have any meaning? on the wrist band?

One interesting plus I have noticed from this recent blogging is that finding other artists is very inspiring, especially for me because I am incredibly isolated at the moment, so to meet others even in a virtual arena is a very GOOD thing.

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

Hi Merlyn
did not know about your recycled crows blog- cool will check it out more- just had a peek.
the RSI stands for repetitive strain injury of course- which is why you wear it on your wrist. I did another necklace spellin 'neckpain' as rsi and neckpain are 2 of the things you get from workin too long on the pooter!! maybe i should do a bum brooch with 'fat arse' on it and glasses frames with 'blindness' on em too!

I used to be a professionally isolated lonely jeweller 6 years ago and felt very excluded from the cliquey jewellery people then I met some lovely new friends on the brisbane craft scene- yay- and now with internet buddies i am twice blessed!

Merlyn Gabriel said...

very cool, a neckpain one would help me, I seem to have degenerating disk issues in my cervical spine. owies.

I laughed hard at the fat bum bit... yeah... 'pooter spread! (sounds like something you put on toast,like marmite or nutella) Pilates helps with this issue... and so does walking the many hills we have here ( being at the bottom of the Alps n all...)

Blogs... I have four
two are fictional ( one is a finished book the other is the continuation, that's the daughter of the Empire stuff...if you can'tget published then do it yourself I always say...)
my main this is me in all my ranty neurotic glory blog is at recycled crows
and my cuz all my friends do it one at Live Journal.
I am contemplating doing a real art one on blogspot but I qestion my sanity afterwards. I love writing and I have always kept a journal of some sort so this computer geek blog bit is an extension of all this... however it has the tendancy to get a little out of hand.

so RSI and neckpain along with fatarse and can'tseestraight are all high on my list of growing ailments!

God I am SUCH a geek.

have splendiferous evening!