Sunday, October 28, 2007

Arc Biennial + more

I am so proud to be included in the exhibition, To be confirmed that is on now at QUT Art Museum, Gardens Point, Brisbane as part of the Arc (Art Design and Craft) Biennial. To see my work among such an excellent overview of the contemporary scene in Queensland is a great honour. There is even a proper catalogue for the show- see above and click to enlarge. The show is on until 2 December and if in Brisbania is a good opportunity to get out of the humidity and see some though-provoking and engaging new art.

There is a Jewellery Party as part of the Arc program Thurs 15 Nov 5-7pm where you can buy our fabulous wares.

I also have swag of products in a fantastic new book that is out this month variously titled Cool Hunting Green (Aus) , Cool Green Stuff (USA), and Green Hunting (UK out in 2008) by Dave Evans who I met at the Arc Biennial, a lovely chap. A couple of the pages are scanned below:


Queen of Light and Joy said...

I LURVE that things are moving along quite nicely for you - as they should. I also love that the melted men made it into the book. And speaking on things that I love, I am loving the twist you did on the type/stitch, tres smart. In other news I'm eating Kraft dinner for breakfast, because I can. Congrats on ALL your great news and kudos!! Yay YOU! <3

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

ms queen, thankyou for your support.