Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tea For Three

Cups of russian caravan tea and Dad's famous shortbread on gorgeous mix-matched handmade pottery as the afternoon sunlight trickles through the leaves in my garden. I thank my family for helping me clean out and reorganise my life and enjoy the beautiful life after a bad start to the day.

I gathered together my favourite pottery for a special tea. As Simon Suckling, who made the blue cup and saucer told me that it is better karma to break pottery after having used it than to break it having never used it, something that Shannon Garson who made the teapot and milkjug is also reminds us of.

Tea, family, neighbours and friends help you get through the hard times and I thank them all.


Anonymous said...

Mrs Wrecker said: I had a great time battling the rampant vegetation and emerging truimphant from the bushes. Will get that pesky little bit of vine I left behind next time!!
Lots of love and keep those happy thoughts and cups of tea at the ready!!

shane said...

Hey Bec,

A few more of those biscuits on a bigger plate, would have made it a better start!!!!

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

Thanks Mrs Wrecker and Shane- tea and bikkies in large quantities seem to be working wonders!