Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Saint Fran

Congratulations to Fran Crowe whose 1st solo exhibition is now underway.

Fran says "I am walking to collect 46000 pieces of litter from my local Suffolk beaches - 46000 because this is the average number of pieces of litter per square mile of ocean worldwide according to the UN. I have been walking since last September and so far I have collected over 41000 pieces, most of which I have just installed in the Babylon Gallery in Ely (where I am 2007 bursary artist). I think it makes a shocking but fascinating viewing which I really hope will engage people with some of the issues to do with marine litter and the state of our oceans. " I've been following Fran's work for some time on her website and love the way that she gets an environmental message out there with humour and a cheeky challenge to her audience. And I think she has come up with a perfect excuse for long walks on the beach and cannot help but feel a bit envious that did not think of it first!

The results of her project are not only backed up with scientific data detailed on her website but they are so very aesthetically seductive!
I know all the beach plastic is bad but I cannot help but love it at the same time for its worn edges, eroded textures and washed out colours that tell of all sorts of adventures at sea.

Here are some favourite beach plastic specimens from my personal collection:


Uschi said...

I'm just back from Fran's website.
Thank you so very much for this link. It always puts a bright smile on my face, to see, there are people caring!! And caring with humour!!
Such a beautiful website!!!

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

cool- I'm glad you like Fran's website- as she says, art can be rubbish!!

chiefbiscuit said...

Saint Fran indeed! What a great thing to do. Very creative way of making a difference.

marta miguel said...

Thanks for this information artist
a good work for nature!!!
we can save the planet
go on!!!!

marta miguel said...

thanks a lot for this information
increible work!!!!

Karina said...

I am trying to move from Syd to Brisbane (see my blog for details) but I want to learn as much about Brissy as I can - so any suggestions/tips/ideas would be great =)