Thursday, May 31, 2007


The highlight of visiting Wellington is never going to be the weather unless you fancy gales and horizontal rain - that must be why they have such excellent galleries and museums. In fact, we did not defrost until we daytripped out to the Kapiti Coast with Uncle Ron (right) to visit Uncle Ken (left).
Top: Alan Preston, jewellery made from greywacke road base and paint
Middle: Blair Smith, Visible panty line
BottomLeft: Shelly Norton: jewellery made from plastic shopping bags
Bottom Right: Genevieve Packer, Craft Terrorist

My favorite museum was the Dowse in Lower Hutt which presented a beautifully displayed Alan Preston survey exhibition (love his road base pieces) and contemporary jewellery/craft from the collection on display upstairs.
Much of the jewellery had probably been collected from the 2 excellent jewellery galleries in town, Quoil (shame on them for not having a website going) and Avid. Quoil was my favourite because the staff were so friendly (I'm easily won over by nice happy people) - and they also have some wacky plastic work by Lisa Walker and Shelly Norton that Plastic Girl would have enjoyed.


shula said...

Genevieve Packer.


Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

Isn't she just- slightly out of frame in the craft terrorist shot is the knitted balaclava with pink blanket stitch - so practical! love her website too with jewels - esp builder's crack

Florence said...

I love that leather jacket :D


marta miguel said...

Hi rebecca i tagged to you and then you must write 7 things you like it or describe to you and then tagged 7 persons more of the blog

best wishes

chiefbiscuit said...

A Wellington I never knew existed. Love Wellington! Thanks for the links.