Sunday, May 27, 2007

Return to Oz

I have returned.

8 kilos heavier and not from all the butter and cheese I ate- but from the pebbles spread over 2 backpacks. Fortunately with no hassles from customs.

Here are some pictures from the interior of a marvellous old villa we stayed at in French Pass. Actually it was so grand from the exterior that I thought it must be a private residence and we first showed ourselves into the little shed nextdoor! The house was built by sheep farming settlers, the Webbers who have now moved into more modern accommodations nextdoor while the old residence is converted into a backpackers: big draughty rooms with odd assortments of furniture from different eras, a modernised kitchen and this rather wonderful old linoleum 'rug'. I love these old linoleum patterns ( here and also Betty Jo- jewellery made from it) and this one that imitates the persian rug using some early mechanical printing that looks real from a distance up up close like a pixelated image.

Detail of 'rug':

Mr Accoridan teased a haunting melody from the decomposing old piano (blogged here)- due to the lack of recent tuning and missing notes, possibly the only tune that could have been played!


shula said...

Haunting, those old, out of tune pianos.

I just love them.

Florence said...

NZ looks so lovely from out of your window...*sigh*

glad your back Wrecker, Bisvagas just wasn't the same without you.


Estercity said...

I was looking for thinks for my blog and I have found your recycled jewels.
They are magnificent
If you don't care I will put a post in the future with your work

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

estercity- no problem- your recycling blog looks great!

chiefbiscuit said...

Great to catch up - and double-delight to have you back blogging again!