Monday, January 31, 2011

Stormy weather

There is a severe thunderstorm warning issued for parts of the south east.
A thick band of storms...

Torrential rain and flash flooding. People are advised to take shelter.
I wonder what is beyond that thick wall of water falling from the sky?

Did I see a glimmer?
Rain easing.

Scattered showers.
Sun Ah.

Underneath the storm is like walking under a waterfall into another world.

These 4 brooches about storms sweeping across the Wallum were created during the recent floods when we received about half a meter of thundery rain in 4 days and the side of the hill slipped away. Making them was difficult, the first batch lost to rising waters and when I was seperated from my etching bath for way too long. After that I was too careful with the etching and achieved conservative and boring results. Despondency.
So I pretended to be a risk taker and put the bath in the hot sun which had finally emerged. Forgetting about it, I discovered these rugged results some hours later. Weathered brooches. Eroded by the torrents of rain and beaten by the sun. Plucked to safety minutes before total disintergration.


Anna Davern said...

These are beautiful

Anna said...

Nice to see a positive use of the current weather conditions :^)

Anonymous said...

They're really rugged, like weathered hairy gentlemem, in the best way - chest hair rather than ear/ nose.They're beaut.

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

thanks! i'm glad you clarified the precise location of the grizzled male body hair pru!