Thursday, February 11, 2010

Twig Impressions Experiment

Working on the Wallum Project and teaching a cuttlefish casting workshop at the BIA I have been inspired to venture out of my happy little comfort zone in cuttlefish casting by making impressions of these leptospermum twiglets from the Wallum. Inspired by what the students dared to do in class after informing them that "it probably wouldn't work but give it a go anyway", I found I was able to get quite delicate impressions in the cuttlefish bone. These castings are only 5cm long, to give an idea of scale. I also pressed some of the tiny tea tree seed cases into the cuttlefish, closed up the mould and poured molten scrap silver from the crucible to make these 2 pieces of double sided sheet: The castings are relief style owing to a brass sheet inner cutout mold. And the cuttlefish pattern shows its wavy texture in the background. Quite appropriately too I would say, as the cuttlefish bones were all found along beaches adjacent to Wallum/heath coastal areas like Kangaroo Island and Bribie Island.


Laura said...

Hi Bek! I was wearing one of your tazo necklaces and a school mum (artist) admired it so I have sent her links to all your stuff. Her name is Susan Wirth. I am VERY impressed with your cuttlefish castings, they are so delicate and gorgeous! And the etchings from ferns are lovely too! Take care, Laura PS I have gone back to uni this year. eegads.

Queen of Light and Joy said...