Thursday, October 22, 2009

I want to

And we shall. Though the mode of travel will be surface based. Today we are heading to North Stradbroke Island for 4 days to work on the Wallum project.

I'm looking forward to working with Shannon more intensely than is possible during short trips. Amongst fieldtripping we will do some experiments with clay and molding. And on the Friday we are being guided by Shane Coghill from Mookin Bibonmari Aboriginal Tours and will learn about the indigenous Goenpul culture of the island and visit some wallum areas.

And in between all the hard work I hope to get in a few swims and sleeps to recover from a busy time working and teaching!


eimear said...

Hi Rebecca. I stumbled across your blog and love what you do. The pebble stuff is similar-but-different to some of mine. In any case, I have fallen for the esc-key piece in the picture... is if for sale???

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

Thanks eimear- i have sold this one but can make you one similar if you like ($60) - i will make another for the studio sale on Dec 5- email me if you want one!

eimear said...

Thanks:-) I just this morning paid for flights home (to Ireland) (from New Zealand) so that's poured a considerable amount of cold water on my enthusiasm for new purchases. But I do love it. And as soon as the finances return to normal in the New Year I will drop you a line! Have a great Christmas. e