Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Louvre Lovers

Still in Beta testing but with Valentine's day (a great day for louvres) on the horizon I made this louvre-lover bracelet. It moves like a snake and looks a bit like an army of processionary caterpillars cruelly joined into a circle marching towards certain starvation and death. Not that these comparisons are at all metaphorical.

Louvres, much like lovers, are great when they actually work. When the louvre-lever moves easily and opens to let in the cool breezes or closes tight to shut out the storms, burglars and mosquitoes they are indeed a pleasure to have around. But too often the mechanism corrodes and they either shut out the cool breezes or let in the storms, burglars and mosquitoes. Sometimes when panes are missing they cunningly manage to do both. People then opt for the short-term paneless solution: louvres are removed to be replaced by hideous fixed aluminium framed windows and air-con units to speed our headlong march towards aesthetic extinction.
Fortunately this means I've plenty of lovely louvres, more than a decent girl has any right to have. It makes me wish that jewellery made from the goddamned stuff was more popular.


gill said...

i like the transparency and the movement of the piece!

Kay said...

I shall look at the louvres of our toilet window with a different eye now! That bracelet is very charming.

Chrissy Foreman C said...

Oh my goodness, this blog is fan-freaken-tastic!
I hope you come back soon and keep us up to date with the other amazing things you've been working on.

katiecrackernuts said...

I love louvres and miss that they weren't as used in NSW as they are in Qld.
Rebecca, I bought one of your recycled window glass earring pairs at the MoB today. Felt a real treat. Just wanted to say a big hearty Ta. I've coveted your work from afar for a long time and was so delighted to have stumbled across some of it there.

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

thanks katie and chrissy. i spose i should pull my finger out and blog again soon. when i think of something to actually say!