Friday, December 12, 2008

Fabulous Students

My BIA Intro to Gold and Silversmithing students had their final exhibition last week and they made these wonderful pieces ( I was very proud and loved what they did with the etching):Pierce Hirth: Matchbox Cover (etched pattern on side) sterling silver, sterling silver match, paper clip and ring pull, florin set in sterling silver

Melody Chen: Motif 1 (sterling silver, gemstone beads, freshwater pearls). Based on Chinese design motif.
Kristina Sinclair: Three etched pendants and 2 rings. Sterling silver (some oxidised).

Fiona Kurnadi: Paisley Brooch and Hairpin. Sterling silver.

Diana Jamieson: Etched Necklace. Sterling silver (etched), laminex, neoprene.

Ross Carew (who actually did my Found Objects in Jewellery course): Driftwood Pendant. Found driftwood, sterling silver, neoprene.

I'm so lucky to have this arts community on my doorstep. I especially realised this when I popped down yesterday to get these photos and the place was a-buzz. Linda Beck, ceramics tutor was having a studio sale and I picked up this wonderful sexy new teapot and swapped some fresh eggs for their yummy Ashgrovian honey...

BIA classes for summer semester and next year are now online...


Anonymous said...

Your students seem to have reached a high level of competence under your tutelage and kept their individuality. Congratulations!

Jesika Jack said...


Rebecca, your students have made such beautiful work. It's a testament to your inspiration and tutoring.



Florence Forrest said...

I'm really impressed with their work! It just shows how great the value of a good teacher is. Well done.


Anonymous said...

You must be so proud of your students! Such attention to detail and finish! It's great!