Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Boomerang Swingers

I've been slack with the online stuff lately - busy, busy me. Yep I've been busy with lots of new activities.
Including teaching at the BIA, wholesale orders, avoiding my new computer which though finally out of its box and plugged in needs software installed before I can do anything, visiting friends & family, enjoying life etc. But now that I have commenced 3 mths long service leave from my Uni admin job, I'm running out of excuses and finding time for some new designs.

Like these Boomerang Swinger and Retro Swinger earrings made from recycled laminex (contemporary) and sterling silver that I gave birth to last week. Despite the pointy geometry you'll be glad to know it was a quick and easy labour and the pairs of twins are doing just fine.

I love these 50's boomerang shapes that you see in architectural details of bridges, houses, carparks and on barkcloth and laminex/formica of the era and reproductions of today. It seems boomerang patterns have quite a following among the lovers of retro as a basic google/flickr search reveals.

Above is the rather wonderful and in the process of being lovingly restored Boomerang House courtesy of Boomerang Thang who did not mind me using his photo: "in true boomerang style, I say, give it away and it will come back to you". So long as it doesn't hit you in the head I reckon.


shannon said...

Hooray!!1 You are back! I'll look forward to some angst ridden entries about artists block in the near future. (with a strong emphasis on how fantastic you are deep down underneath for overcoming your obstacles of course!)

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

thanks shannon!
i feel like a bit of a fraud for having such a fun time during my artists block phase!

chiefbiscuit said...

You've given me a whole new perspective on boomerangs! I like the earrings a lot. BTW I am enjoying the Scrabulous game! :)

Uschi said...

it never occured to me- up tp our post, that the boomerang is a true fifties design. I like your focus on them and your swinger earrings are great..especially the boomerang-ones....and b.t.w. I'm happy that you're back!!

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