Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wrecker in Sunday Age 11/11/07

Some nice things were said in this article. Mine is the bullet cartridge cuff. The rest is Liana Kabel's and some Haul billboard bags.

Thanks alot to my ex, WJK for taking the beautiful and HUGE photo of Liana's earrings. One day I will be able to forgive your treachery! Maybe after watching back to back Eckhart Tolle DVDs for a week. Or a 100 years.

Sunday M
11 Nov 2007


shula said...

Well, I laughed.

Liana said...

Bunny don't be mad! Remember this kind of thing gets me into trouble too!!

Oh by the way I need to contact Wayne for a photo-use agreement for images in an upcoming Lark book or 2.

Maybe I'll buy you a couple of those DVD's!!

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

Liana you are allowed to rock! like totally. And I am honoured to have your knitwit bangles all over my face for the upcoming mx mag pic!!! that's if my face even makes the final cut. you were lookin hot-to-trot that day, my facial expression may have indicated pain and discomfit and heaven knows what bibi was doing! hahahaha!
will pass on message to wayne- now that he is single his photographic services are even further beyond my jurisdiction, damn him.

chiefbiscuit said...

The bullet cartridge cuff looks awesome! Congrats to you, you rock too! :)