Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Foaming Nanas

It will be no great surprise to many of you that Nana and I have become very close over the last year. Very close indeed. Something which has meant that she has really been able to open up to me, and visa versa.

In one of our recent conversations she mentioned a very personal problem she has been experiencing. It concerns her trademark glasses.

They have begun to foam. Yes, foam.
You can see the transition from the mid to late stages as the virus makes it increasingly difficult for Nana to see. The ravages of this illness are set to take their toll on Nana, who has sold more records than Celine Dion and Madonna combined, but we pray that it will not affect her forthcoming show at London's Royal Albert Hall.

We cannot explain why it has been happening and it is something that has Europe's finest pathologists baffled and scared. Could we be experiencing the beginnings new viral pandemic? Fortunately it has not jumped from Nana into the general population but as we know, with viruses it is only a matter of time before the mutations cause this devastating leap to occur.Seriously though, before you make the switch to contact lenses, these new works do come with a warning for members of the Nana Mouskouri fanclub: MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF NANA. They are made from old vinyl records and were a few experiements from my NANA range of pins that got a little overcooked. Recycled for the Fabulous Foam exhibition. Each has a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist herself.


W J Kington said...

One day you will be discovered by the Nana fan club. Then you will have some explaining to do young lady.

nananananananana NANA...

Uschi said...

HiHi, reminds me of liquorice..Are you sure, your foamy activity is healthy??

shula said...

I'm a bit confused.

Are they hairclasps?

Not that they need to BE anything.

They're about Nana. And that's enough.

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

being taken to task by the nana fanclub is a terrifying prospect!
uschi, no it is definitely not healthy. don't try it at home or you'll end up like me!!
and shula, they are brooches- especially for open weave - like wooly jumpers. you forget to mention these basic facts!

chiefbiscuit said...

Oh Love it Love it Love it!!! I was a fan of Nana in the old days. Hasn't she got just the sweetest face tho?

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

yes nana is a beautiful woman there is no doubt about it