Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Act Now

Visiting the local shopping centre as one does from time to time in search of tucker, I noticed this illuminated advert in the dingy undercover carpark near the travelators. At first I was attracted by the beautifully photographed retro styled swimming pool with army men and razor wire but then after I decoded its message, I was impressed by the shock value of this kind of a ad. Especially in a location where you normally find ads for hair products or junk food with all the visuals aimed at encouraging excessive consumption.

Kudos to Act Now I say.
They seem to be an organistion like Get Up but with a youth focus though I cannot find much anaylsis about them online.


shane said...

Well, its time to start stocking up -- me thinks that since wrecker and accordian's backyard has good cover, we can begin a huge cache right there.

Florence said...

I think Plastic Girl will have to hire some goons to protect her pool before it's too late!

nicely spotted.


shula said...

Works for me.

For some reason I find that image really disturbing.

Lexine said...

Great work.